[Broken mirrors and hallucinations]

I’m surprised no one has made this parallel already, honestly.

Everyone’s been so focused on the obvious Zuko comparisons that I feel like the similarities between Korra and another member of the Fire Nation royal family have been ignored.  After all, as far as broken mirrors and broken psyches are concerned, Azula is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Speaking of Azula, her hallucinations are, I think, our best precedent for what Korra’s going through now.

What’s interesting to note about Azula’s hallucinations is that they represented a truth about Azula that she had been denying — Ursa really did love her, and Azula needed that love.  Of course, Azula couldn’t accept that; that’s why her psyche split in the first place.

If something similar is going on with Korra, then, there’s something deeper going on than just her being afraid of her Avatar identity.  And, considering the hallucination’s actions — the Avatar State chains Korra up and tries to destroy her — it’s easy to create a suitable alternate explanation.

Like Azula, Korra’s temperament was almost perfectly suited for the role she was trained to fill.  Both girls seized upon their roles gladly, denying the parts of themselves that didn’t fit in the process.  For Azula, who was raised to believe that fear was the only reliable way to interact with others, that was her need for love.  For Korra, who was raised to believe that the Avatar came before her own needs, that was likely her desire for freedom and her sense of self-preservation.

So, when Korra’s psyche creates an image of the Avatar State chaining her and trying to kill her, it could be intended to reflect her split-off and denied recognition that being raised as the Avatar had demanded sacrifices that she would rather not have made.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to be the Avatar anymore so much as that she’s being forced to confront the downsides to being the Avatar that she’d denied for too long, and they’ve taken a monstrous and terrifying shape due to her previous refusal to allow them into her conscious mind.

And, if that’s the case, I think the only way for Korra to deal with the hallucinations is to accept that she’d been wronged, that what the world demanded of her had been unfair.  Only by accepting the split-off part of herself can Korra repair her shattered psyche.  =(

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When I was trying to figure out the acting in these shots, I used my personal experiences with my own mother and the arguments and the struggle we go through. The most important thing for me is to show how Elinor really wants to speak to her daughter. She really wants to tell her ‘it’s gonna be okay. You might hate this now but you’re gonna thank me later’. But she just can’t find the words. - Brave animator talking about his process of animating this shot (x)

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